The day before, Hisense medical and medical Zhongdi signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation partner, the two sides will work together to promote China's mobile medical, remote medical treatment, hospital and other hospital information construction intelligence development

Hisense Qingdao Global Headquarters, Hisense Medical and Zhongdi Medical signed a comprehensive strategic partnership, and the two parties will jointly promote the development of informatization construction in China's mobile medical, telemedicine, smart hospitals and other hospitals. Hisense Medical General Manager Wang Shilei and Chongqing Zhongdi Medical Chairman and General Manager He Xiaoyu signed the strategic cooperation agreement and delivered speeches.

Wang Shilei, general manager, said that the two sides can go to the level of strategic cooperation, mainly based on three reasons. One is the mutual trust established by the two teams and the leadership in past cooperation; the second is mutual recognition of values; the third is that their respective resource advantages can complement each other and can promote each other. He is very optimistic about the prospect of cooperation with Zhongdi Medical and hopes that there will be new breakthroughs in government-level projects in southwest China.

Chairman He Xiaoyu was "surprised" about the pace of development of Hisense Medical this year. Every time he comes to Qingdao, he can feel the changes of Hisense Medical. She believes that the two sides play their respective advantages, and promote deeper cooperation based on the common values of “good faith”, which will surely provide greater opportunities for development.

Since the beginning of this year, Hisense Medical Group has accumulated the core technology of image processing and digital processing for 48 years and adhered to the “programming of products and the enlargement of plans”. It has continuously improved the system capabilities and product level of service hospitals, and has successively landed the first full-level hospital level. Digitized operating room, first regional imaging center, the first one thousand terminal medical system, the first hospital-level display system and a series of landmark projects. Medical monitors, computer-assisted surgical systems, digital operating room system solutions, and mobile nursing four product lines entered more and more domestic hospitals and were well received, setting a good example for the new three-year plan.

The two parties reached a strategic cooperation layout of the health industry, digital medical products and information system solutions have important implications for the promotion of information and digital upgrades from traditional hospitals in the southwest region.