Hisense Medical has quickly become a strong competitor in a 100 billion-level emerging industry from an intruder.

Recently, Hisense Medical Equipment just won a digital construction project for a tens of millions of hospitals in Shandong. A number of domestic medical equipment brands are eyeing this project, and some of them have spent two years continuously tracking, but Hisense beat the top five opponents with the highest score of 99.52 points in one fell swoop.

As the most advanced representative of high-tech medical equipment in China, Hisense computer-assisted surgery system was iterated again in 2017. Currently, it has been introduced into more than 40 triple-A hospitals and 68 tertiary hospitals throughout the country, successfully treating more than 1800 patients with hepatobiliary surgery. Based on this core technology, in November 2017, the world’s largest human digital liver database open platform jointly launched by Qingdao University Affiliated Hospital and Hisense Group was officially released, providing doctors with the basis for diagnosis, treatment and scientific research.

Nowadays, in China's digital medical field, Hisense, with its keen industrial judgment, has deployed four hospital-wide customized digital operating rooms, mobile nursing systems, computer-assisted surgical systems, and medical monitors, and has expanded and expanded the “Intelligent Information of the whole hospital”. The display system's "new product line," as well as its powerful technological iteration capabilities and product innovation capabilities "have come first." According to reports, the annual increase in the number of signings of Hisense Medical is expected to reach 300% year-on-year, which will set the fastest growth rate in the calendar year.