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Company Overview

Qingdao Hisense Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. (Refers as “Hisense Medical”) is one of the key industrial subsidiaries of Hisense.

Relying on the group's more than 50 years of accumulation of image processing, information processing and interaction technology, it has successfully built core products such as color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument, computer-assisted surgery system (CAS), medical display equipment, medical terminal (PDA), medical refrigerator, and smart hospital system solutions such as smart operating room system, smart information display system, smart film reading system, and remote consultation system.

We are committed to delivering high value products and services to customers, practicing the corporate mission of "serving the medical cause, benefiting human health".

Hisense color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument
Computer Assisted Surgery System (CAS)
Hisense medical monitor
Hisense 55-inch 4K endoscope monitor
Hisense Digital Operating Room System Solution

Hisense color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument was developed for 9 years, and the first ultrasound HD60 series was officially listed in October 2020. It was selected as a major scientific and technological innovation project in Shandong Province, the first technical equipment directory in Shandong Province, and the directory of excellent Domestic medical equipment. The product has independent intellectual property rights in solutions, software, hardware, algorithms and other aspects, filling the industrial gap in the field of color ultrasound medical equipment in Shandong Province. Based on the GPU parallel architecture, the product can realize more accurate original acoustic imaging algorithm, and can process massive original data in parallel. At the same time, combined with AI technology, it can provide users with clearer and more uniform high-quality images. It is a new intelligent color ultrasound product.

At present, Hisense ultrasound products have been used in more than 20 tertiary hospitals such as PLA 301 Hospital, Qilu Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University, Qingdao Municipal Hospital, etc., with a total of more than 50,000 cases diagnosed, which has been unanimously recognized by experts.

Computer Assisted Surgery System (CAS) provides an efficient, accurate and concise image reconstruction and quantitative simulation analysis system and overall solution for abdominal (liver, biliary, pancreatic, spleen and kidney) thoracic precision surgery. Deep data mining and artificial intelligence algorithm analysis based on enhanced CT images of the hepatobiliary and pancreatic and urological systems simulate the individualized digital organs of the patient as seen by the surgeon during actual surgery, which is intuitive, three-dimensional, clear and accurate, providing surgeons with an accurate basis for diagnosing diseases, assessing conditions and deciding on surgical plans. The technical achievement won the second prize of the 2019 National Science and Technology Progress Award and has been applied in more than 100 tertiary hospitals nationwide, saving more than 17,000 cases of patients with difficult diseases.

Hisense medical monitor is divided into diagnostic monitor, consultation monitor, endoscope monitor and operating room /DSA monitor. At present, the diagnostic monitor covers different specifications of 2M, 3M, 4M, 5M and 6M, which can meet the requirements of different imaging equipment in hospitals. To meet doctors' reading needs, Hisense medical has also launched a smart reading room, which is equipped with professional consultation monitor, supporting image collaborative meeting system and image scheduling system to meet the needs of daily morning meeting, difficult consultation and remote consultation.

Hisense 55-inch endoscope monitor is a new generation of 4K ultra-high-definition endoscope monitor developed by Hisense Medical, which is another breakthrough in domestic high-end medical equipment and has been supplied in bulk to well-known endoscope manufacturers in China. The product has 55" 4K high color gamut display, the world's only self-made multi-partition medical module, special lamination process, real-time picture enhancement technology and other features, breaking through the ultra-high definition endoscopic vision, to help intelligent medical precision surgery.

Hisense endoscope monitor has been pre-researching since 2014; the first product was launched in 2015, and now from 2K to 4K, from small to medium size to 55" large size, Hisense endoscope monitor has established a complete product line.

Hisense Digital Operating Room System is an innovative product independently developed by Hisense Medical. It is convenient for doctors to find and check the relevant information of patients and improve the efficiency of surgery. The system is mainly used for centralized control of equipment in the operating room, live video broadcast of surgery, remote video teaching of surgery, remote family conversation, real-time monitoring and management of the surgical process, etc., which reduces medical and nursing manpower input, improves medical and nursing efficiency and reduces medical and patient disputes.

Certification and quality

Adhering to the purpose of "technology first" and "quality first", Hisense Medical is responsible to complete the national medical monitor module research and development projects. All related monitor products including consultation monitor, diagnostic displays, as well as endoscopic monitors have passed a rigorous product quality and performance test, obtaining the INTERTEK ISO 13485 medical device quality management system certification, the EU CE certification and the United States FDA certification.