The annual “Oscar” in the Chinese economic field was announced in Beijing, and Zhou Houjian, chairman of Hisense Group, was elected “2017 Top Ten Economic Man of the Year” and accepted the award.

The organizing committee of “2017 Top Ten Economic People” wrote to Zhou Houjian: He led Hisense Television’s sales in China for the 14th consecutive year and the third in global shipments. He also deployed intelligent transportation and digital medical services across borders. Optical communication has steadily and quickly emerged; he has sponsored the World Cup, acquired Toshiba TV, expanded the global map, and led Hisense to embark on an international path admiring the world.

Zhou Houjian said in his acceptance speech: "I know that Hisense has many shortcomings, but Hisense is an honest, healthy and persistent company that is always upholding the concept of going-concern." He said that after graduating from college, he will be assigned to Hisense. Hisense has been working for 35 years and has been doing this for 26 years in the position of “being a family member”. In fact, 26 years have actually done one thing. That is to insist on establishing technology and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the company.

For a long time, Hisense persisted in using technology to pursue the development of the company and hoped to make more contributions to China's economic development. Zhou Houjian admits that because he is not used to making appearances, he has “impacted Hisense’s 'propaganda'”. The public’s understanding of Hisense is mostly in the field of household appliances such as TV refrigerators and air-conditioning washing machines. In fact, Hisense has done a good job in non-consumer products. , smart transportation and CAS precision medical technology have already achieved the best and largest in the country. The field of laser television is the absolute leader in the world, subverting and impacting traditional display technologies.

According to reports, the “2017 Top Ten Economic People of the Year” was hosted by Sina Finance, People’s Daily (Client) and Wu Xiaobo Channel. It is the most influential selection in the Chinese economy, and it is also the most recognized and most popular in China. A brand that is admired. This year, the News Center of the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, as an important strategic partner, joined the highly-informed "Innovation-Driven Development Strategy" determined by the Nineteenth National Congress. The scope of selection was unprecedentedly expanded and the specifications were raised unprecedentedly. From this selection, it can be seen that after experiencing the capital cold winter of the previous two years, the business boomed gradually and set a new high. The new driving forces were continuously formed in various industries. The Chinese economy grew rapidly and rapidly, and the development of physical fitness increased. The more abundant.