Qingda Affiliated Hospital: Hisense CAS Accurately Removes Large Abdominal Tumors in 4-year-old Girls

Ying Ying (a pseudonym), a 4-year-old cute little girl, is a foreign patient who attends the Pediatric Surgery Department of Qingda Affiliated Hospital. He only weighs 12 kg but has a huge stomach. After discovering a large retroperitoneal tumor, the local hospital recommended surgery at a higher level hospital. The child's parents took their children to a proper place for treatment. After arriving at the doctor's office of the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University, it was already a matter of two months after the discovery of the tumor. Now.

Hisense Medical Co., Ltd. collaborates with Sunshine for the first time to build a leading digital imaging center in China

A few days ago, Hisense Medical officially handed in a pulse of sunshine to initially reach a strategic cooperation intention. The core content of the first round of cooperation between the two sides is to build a domestic first-class digital imaging center centered on cutting-edge medical display technologies and products in the industry and to preemptively place a new space for high-end medical imaging center industry. .

The 30-minute speech received applause from 600 experts, and the world academic forum praised Hisense CAS.

Recently, at the 9th International Conference on Clinical Robots, which represents the highest academic level of international clinical robots, the deputy director of the Medical Department of Qingdao University, Dean of the First Clinical College, and Dean of the Affiliated Hospital Professor Dong Yi used digital medicine for the “Chinese team”. 30 minutes talked about the latest scientific and technological achievements such as Hisense CAS, sparking the attention and applause of over 600 top experts from around the world.

Hisense Medical Releases Four Precision Medical Product Lines Customized Solutions Value-added Hospital Industry Chain

On September 19th, Hisense Medical officially announced four major product lines, including digital operating room solutions, computer-assisted surgical systems, medical display equipment, and mobile nursing terminals, at Hisense Medical Digital Operating Room and Hospital Information Products Qingdao Promotion Conference. With the characteristics of "special equipment + intelligent + internet of things and internetization", the hospital provides customized professional equipment and information solutions services. More than 30 heads of hospitals and medical experts from across the country participated and shared their experiences.

Hisense Medical: Let Health Achieve New Heights in Qingdao

Hisense Medical released four precision medical product lines in Qingdao yesterday, adding value to the hospital's value chain with a complete solution for the operating room.